Outdoor Patio Heaters Specifications

Patio Heater

Patio Heater

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(Input: Natural and L.P. Gas) 0-4500ft elevation


Input (BTU/ Hr)
PH-40 20,000 40,000 10'
PH-50 25,000 50,000 15'
PH-75 37,000 75,000 20'
PH-40 (High output) 20,000 40,000 5'
PH-75 (High output) 37,000 75,000 10'

Gas Pressure at Manifold:
Natural Gas 3.5" W.C.
L.P. Gas 10.5" W.C.
Gas Connection Size 0.5" N.P.T.

Gas Inlet Pressure:
Gas Minimum Maximum
Natural 4.5" W.C. 14.0" W.C.
L.P. 11.5" W.C. 14.0" W.C.

patio heater specifications

Electrical Rating:
DSI Ignition
120v, 60 Hz, 1 Amp/ 24 Volt Power Supply
24 volt low voltage On/ Off- Hi/ Lo Control Panel


Standard Equipment:
Burner control housing is preassembled and pre-wired, unit comes complete with industry standard gas, electrical, balanced air rotor, thermal overload protected motor, visual burner inspection sightglass, combustion and air proving safety switch, 3-try spark ignition control, 100% safety shut-off, low voltage control connection, 4" heat treated aluminized combustion tube, aluminum standard reflector, tube couplers, heat economizer baffle, stainless steel hangers, decorative grille, indicator light, stainless steel burner head construction.


Optional Equipment:
Elbow kit/ 180 degree U-Bend kit for PH75
Stainless Steel Construction

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