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The most sophisticated patio heaters for the 21st century patio is here! What makes it the best? Simple…it works. It does what it is supposed to do: it keeps people on the patio or deck warm, no matter what! Producing gas-fired energy in the form of infrared waves, this heater warms the patio at the turn of a switch - performance which has been called “one step shy of magic.”

Create a warm, comfortable smoking area, increase your outdoor dining season by 70 percent, and look great doing it! Calcana Industries is in the business of heating outdoor dining and smoking areas… allowing you to serve more customers and increase profits!

  • Up to 75,000 btu capacity with a fuel cost of less than 75¢ per hour
  • Variable heat control from 50 to 100 percent capacity
  • Heaters take up zero floor space
  • Wall or ceiling mounting available, covered or uncovered applications

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Inefficient and malfunctioning mushroom–style heaters are now being replaced in restaurant and pub patios by significantly better infrared outdoor patio heaters. With Calcana's infrared patio heaters, heat sources are up and out of the way, not occupying precious floor space.They are more efficient with fuel, utilizing either propane or natural gas. Heat coverage is much broader, meaning the whole patio gets heated... Click here to read the article regarding outdoor patio heaters...>

Now You’re HOT!

outdoor patio heaterThe PH Series has been specifically engineered to be an “Outdoor People-Heater”. This heater was developed to operate in practically any outside environment. Variable output control (Patent Pending), unique in the industry, ensures the proper comfort level under changing weather conditions.

But only if you’re serious.
Upscale residential patios and restaurant establishments provide the perfect setting for an alfresco dining experience. The PH Series enhances time spent outdoors by providing effective, comfortable warmth that almost has to be felt to be believed. The astonishing performance of the equipment under the harshest of conditions has surprised even the designers.

Perimeter Post & Trac System (Patent Pending)
More than just a means to hang the units, the Perimeter Post & Trac System enhances a patio. Architecturally pleasing, it can be customized for practically any patio situation, and can support awnings, side panels, outdoor lighting, audio speakers, gas lights, torches, misters and hanging flower baskets.

As well, concealing the gas and electrical lines overhead eliminates costly underground utility installation in the deck or patio areas. The system can be easily installed on existing patios without significant demolition. Previously impossible installations are made easy.

Create your own heated outdoor paradise on your private or commercial patio, or hot tub area.

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