Outdoor Heaters

Calcana has taken heating the great outdoors to a new level! Now customers can essentialy control the weather by using Calcana infrared technology to spot heat the outdoor spaces that they work and play in. The Calcana system uses the combustion of natural gas or propane to generate comfortable infrared energy, which heats the objects beneath it, rather than the air. Just as the sun’s energy melts ice and snow, so do the heat waves produced by Calcana Infrared Heaters…unimaginable performance!

Where people gather outside…
outdoor patio heaterGolf courses/driving ranges, garages, outdoor sporting facilities, night club line-ups, loading docks, outdoor smoking areas, doorman/valet stations, restaurant patios, residential decks…anywhere that people gather outside can be enhanced by a Calcana Infrared Outdoor Heating System.

Safety & Design
The PH, CAL and SR Series are all approved for outdoor use by CSA. Application, location and purpose dictate which is the best heater for the job. Heater elevation, exposure to wind, and performance expectation are additional factors to be considered when designing the best outdoor heating solution. Please contact the factory for more information about our design services.