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Calcana’s SR Series Infrared Heaters are simply the best choice for heating virtually any sized open-space building. Offering unprecedented performance and superior quality, the Calcana gas-fired system uses 30-40% less fuel than forced air heaters. Draft-free and quiet, infrared heaters warm objects, rather than the air. The SR Series is the largest and most powerful line of industrial/commercial infrared heaters available. The contractors’ choice for ease of installation, serviceability, and factory support, the SR Series is unmatched in design, performance and quality.

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The superior 8-sided reflector design is the largest and best built in the industry. Heavy-duty materials ensure structural integrity in all installations. The totally enclosed burner head is accessible without tools; a perfect example of the many “Installer Friendly” features. The sophisticated construction reduces expansion and operational noise, and ensures years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Industry leading low clearance to combustible requirements

With some of the lowest clearance requirements in the industry, the SR Series can be safely installed where others cannot. Factory layout and designs will ensure that your infrared system achieves peak performance. Please contact the factory for information about our design services.

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