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For consumers who want a comfortable, care-free life style, the Ultimate Garage Heater is here. These unique, gas fired heaters produce infrared waves which heat the objects in the space, rather than the air. The results are spectacular. Imagine a heater that delivers not only warm dry floors, quiet draft-free heat, but also consumes 30 – 40% less fuel than forced air heaters……it’s almost like magic!

industrial heatersA growing trend

Garages are becoming more than a place to park the car. Heated garages offer additional living space for hobby activities, home businesses, pets, and warm storage. Garages are becoming fun places to be, even evolving into neighborhood gathering points.

Additional Benefits
garage heaters specificationsRooms located above or adjacent to a heated garage feel warmer and more comfortable. Because they can vent either through the roof or through the wall, the CAL Series Garage Heater is easy to install in practically any residential garage. The units are quiet in operation, and offer draft-free comfort. As well, a heated garage adds to the market value of the home.

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